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Thinking about my journey, I want to talk about the topic of how we can get what we truly want in life. We all have desires and dreams that go beyond the superficial, beyond material possessions. We long for love, fulfillment, and purpose. So, how do we manifest these fundamental desires and create the life we truly want?

Be the Source

One powerful insight shared by my husband, Shane Krider, is to be the source of that which we desire. Understanding this allows us to have a profound shift in perspective that can transform the way we approach life. 

Instead of fighting against what we don’t want or trying to change others, we become the change we seek.

When we fight against something, whether it’s negativity, lack of love, or any other undesirable aspect, we inadvertently give it power and perpetuate its presence in our lives. But when we choose to be the source of what we desire, we take back control and create a positive ripple effect.

For example, if we desire more love in our lives, we don’t need to fight against the lack of love or try to change others. Instead, we embody love in our thoughts, words, and actions. We become the source of love by expressing kindness, compassion, and understanding toward ourselves and others. In doing so, we attract love into our lives naturally.

It’s such a wonderful principle, isn’t it?

The same principle applies to other areas of our lives. If we want more optimism, we don’t engage in battles with pessimistic people or try to change their mindset. Instead, we cultivate optimism within ourselves. We choose to see the bright side of situations, practice gratitude, and surround ourselves with positivity. 

The more optimistic we become, the more we naturally inspire and uplift others.

It all starts with recognizing our own power. As Shane says, “Each one of us in our life, in the world that we experience, is the source of all things in that life.” This truth holds immense potential. It means that we have the ability to shape our reality by becoming the source of what we desire.

But this journey begins with self-reflection. I encourage you to take the time to identify what you truly desire in life (not the superficial things, the fundamental things). Is it love, abundance, joy, or something else? Once you have clarity, make a conscious decision to embody those qualities in your own life. Be the change, be the source, and watch as your reality begins to align with your desires.

This is not about forcing change or battling against what you don’t want. It’s about consciously choosing to be the embodiment of your desires. By focusing on your own transformation, you naturally influence the world around you. It’s a subtle yet powerful shift that can create profound results.

Getting what you want in life is possible…

What’s the lesson? don’t fight what you hate or try to change others. Instead, change yourself. Be the source of love, abundance, joy, or whatever it is that you desire. Trust in your power to shape your own reality. And remember, it all starts with a decision to no longer participate in the things that go against your desires.

If you have questions about personal development or about Prosperity Of Life, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.