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Prosperity Of Life

Personal Development and Life Transformation Company



Learn how to see yourself, your results and your life from a completely different point of view. Gain new and empowering insights and distinctions that have the power to transform any part of your life.

At Prosperity Of Life we focus on LIFESTYLE. Designing and creating your life exactly the way you imagine it to be. Your only limit is your imagination.

Too many people don’t take the time to plan their life. Trouble is, if you don’t have your own plan then you will blindly fall into someone else’s plan. And unfortunately they don’t have too much planned for you. 

So get busy designing your life and then surround yourself with a crowd that is in support of you achieving your goals. 


We’re lifestyle focussed                                       

Prosperity Of Life Distributors enjoying a day cruising The Algarve coastline. 

A spectacular day with distributors from all different corners of the globe. Prosperity Of Life really is a global community. In the above pic we have a couple of Aussies, an American, an Israeli, Irish, Canadian & Russian.  


The co-founders of Prosperity Of Life, Shane & Rachel Krider with their yacht, The Alchemy in the background. 

Praise for Prosperity Of Life

Rae Davis

With my husband and I’s new found freedom as empty-nesters, we went in search of a way to really start living life on our terms. I had previously tried to build a couple of other home businesses (MLM) but I just couldn’t get them off the ground. This innovative business model has interested parties reaching out to me for further information and I LOVE THAT. The training and support of this business gave me the confidence to start out in my own online business. I am so happy that I found my place here amongst this uplifting community.

Claudia Salazar


My background is in HR. I was stressed and miserable. I was giving up important time with my family; even missing my son’s 16th as I worked until 11pm and all this on an entry level salary. I’ve been dreaming of being my own boss for a long time, so when I saw this opportunity I knew deep down that I had to do this. I’d been involved with other online opportunities prior but nothing compares to the training & support that I am currently receiving plus the compensation plan is out of this world! My biggest wins so far have been the freedom to reconnect with my family and waking up each morning inspired by what I do.”

The Prosperity Of Life Network, is a United States-based personal development business with a presence in 52+ countries.
Prosperity Of Life is a community. It’s a culture where people’s dreams are confirmed and where the individual is validated. People come into Prosperity Of Life because they want something bigger, they want something greater, or they want to do something exceptional in their life.

Prosperity Of Life, offers instructions on how to achieve your goals. Not only do we provide the education and the inspiration, but we also provide a community of people that are on purpose and are striving toward extraordinary things in their own life.
Rachel and Shane Krider, co-founders of Prosperity Of Life, host a personal development podcast network, Born To Prosper. The Born To Prosper Network has given people the opportunity to lead a more inspired and controlled life. Through Rachel and Shane’s teachings, the Born To Prosper community have learned not only how to better understand themselves and those around them, but how to truly enjoy what life has to offer.
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