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This post is a continuation of the “Power of Recruiting” blog series. Part One can be found here. The podcast this blog originated from can be found here.


In a lot of cases in a direct selling company, there’s an interview process and that’s what I do. I would go through an interview with a potential candidate to ensure that we’ve got a good business fit and to ensure that it’s going to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

The types of things that I look for in someone would be positivity, are they upbeat, are they entrepreneurial in nature, are they a big thinker in terms of do they have some big goals that they’re going for, and are they looking to stretch themselves in order to achieve those goals.

All of these things must be in alignment before I invite them to take a look at my opportunity. That’s one great thing about being in business for yourself, you can really pick the people that you’re going to work with. In fact, I send a lot of people away that don’t actually fit into the criteria to save their time as much as it is to save my time.


Absolutely. I’ve been out there building my business as a distributor and looking for people. I’ve talked to tens of thousands of people in my career as a network marketer, and I’ll tell you what, not everybody measures up. Some are grumpy, others tell you what you want to hear. Some have fear or are driven by fear or self-doubt. I can’t deal with those people either.

We all have that when we’re looking for something new and it tends to creep up in front of the mind. But when I see it creep up into the front of somebody’s mind and they start speaking from it, I see they’ve got a lot of doubt about their ability and wonder if this type of business is for you. To some degree, you’ve got to bring something to the table if you want to be involved in this industry and if you want to be successful. As for the people that have the ability to to bet on themselves and have enough optimism to believe that they can actually achieve significant goals, that’s the unique kind of a person I look for. Very few people fit that bill.


So if you’re already in business for yourself, then take this in terms of clarity for the type of person that you’re looking for to join your organization as you go through your interviews. Don’t be afraid to send the wrong people away. It’s going to protect your enterprise and allow you to spend time with good quality people. If you start recruiting all of the wrong people, you’re going to be spending your time with those guys. Whereas if you’re a little bit more choosey, then you’re going to have some good-quality leaders attracted to you and then your time will be well-spent.

Similarly, if you’re someone who’s looking for an opportunity and you’re going through that interview process, then you want to have the door open to a strong leader and put your best foot     forward. It’s not a job interview, but you kind of have to look at it like that because this person is either opening the door for you to join their enterprise or not.

Shane, I still remember when I got interviewed by Michael, the gentleman that introduced me to your business. I didn’t think I was going to pass the interview, but I kind of stretched myself and I got a bit uncomfortable and he was asking me questions. I wondered if it was even politically correct to be asking me that. He wanted to know what my income goal was, how much I was earning right now, and it was sort of confrontational. But I followed the process because I wanted to follow the leader. I wanted to get on the other side of that and I’ll tell you what, I’m so grateful that I humbled myself enough to step up for that interview because when I walked through that door and got on the other side, it was absolutely magical.

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