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Hey there guys, this is Rachel Krider. Welcome to this episode of the Industry Insider. We’re streaming to you live all the way from Phuket, Thailand and discussing the power of recruitment.


I’ll tell you what, recruiting is one of my favorite subjects; it’s an awesome thing. But depending on who you talk to, some people think it has a little bit of negative connotation to the word recruitment. What do you mean by the power, Rach, is there some sort of power attached to recruiting?


Yes, there is. I remember when I first learned about one’s ability to grow a team within a business structure such as direct selling. I was so excited that I had just been recruited into an opportunity. I learned and understood that not only could I sell the product, but I could also recruit a team of people and teach them how to sell the product and move more product in the marketplace. With that came leadership and training, and I would be rewarded financially. When I first learned about this, it was taking my enterprise and ability to make an impact on society to a much greater level.

Why don’t we start with a little quote and ease into this. According to Andrew Carnegie, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

When I learned about the ability to grow and develop a team and an organization, that’s what I saw. And it was me — an average person who was high school dropout without special skills or qualifications to have the ability to achieve uncommon results that got me excited.


Absolutely. When you work for corporate world, organizational objectives are the objectives of the organization. When you work for yourself in a business model such as network marketing, the organizational objective is your objective. It’s to build your organization, not somebody else’s. It’s to not be a small cog in somebody else’s machine, but to build your machine.

On the corporate side, it may seem corny and a little bit irritating in the way that they phrase organizational objectives. But when you’re an entrepreneur in this kind of business, you’re the organization and your team is the organization. And as each person gets started in the organization, they actually start at the top and they can build their organization as deep and as wide as they possibly want to. It’s one of the things I love about being an entrepreneur.

Let’s talk about that, Rach. Since I’ve been doing this business, I think calling it a social event would probably be a mistake. Although there is certainly that component to it, I’m a professional. I’m on purpose. I’m here to get the job done. I’m here to make money. I’m here to grow my business and everything kind of comes second to that. But the kind of people you meet, the kind of people you resonate with, the kind of people you find in the world, they’re just amazing people and they’re people you like to be around. As opposed to a job, you get hired and you show up there. Unless you connect with a lot of the people that you work with on a bit of a deeper level, it’s really a hit or a miss. So for me, being able to build this type of a business and being able to recruit a team of people is fulfilling.

Rach, when you’re recruiting, what kind of people are going to get started with you?

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