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This post is a continuation of the “Power of Recruiting” blog series. Part Three can be found here. The podcast this blog originated from can be found here.


You bring up an interesting thing. If you’ve got a legitimate opportunity that could actually give you some real horsepower in your life, you don’t need your friends and your family to be involved. You may choose to share it, but you can afford to built it like a business using advertising.

I’ve been working in this industry for a long time, and I knew one guy in particular. He’s like “I will never spend one thin dime on advertising. I don’t care because we all know people, and that’s who all prospects are, people.”

I like the people I know and I want to be in business with them, but I don’t want to be in business with everybody I’ve ever met. There’s plenty of people that I’ve known who I’m happy to be friends with, but I’m also happy they’re not involved.

You get in where you fit in, and everybody I’ve known is suited to be a self-motivated, on purpose, goal-oriented, positive, professional, and kind entrepreneur. Those are nice little things that I look for in my prospects.


That’s one awesome thing about one’s ability to recruit and actually build a team, because you can actually attract your tribe. In this day in age with social media and the way that we can market to such a targeted audience, you really can attract your people.

I mean Shane, some of our best friends are people who work in this business that we’ve known for more than 15 years. Every weekend we’ve got anywhere from 3 to 6 people people at our house, sometimes more if there’s kids. They’re the distributors within our business and the conversations that take place are phenomenal. They’re so easy, and it’s because they’re like-minded. They’re people that are attracted to the business, there’s a common goal, and there’s a common agenda, which is getting the products out there in the marketplace to have a positive impact and raise consciousness. It’s awesome; you can’t do that in a job.


Every person is somebody we consider to be a really good friend, but we wouldn’t know them had it not been for this business.


So what other benefits are there? You can build your organization, so you’ll have a group of like-minded people who you can connect with, which is awesome. The more people that are part of your team, you can move more product in the marketplace, which is obviously a benefit because your business is going to be more profitable.

Shane, what are some other benefits?

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