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It is often the case that people get sucked into the routine of working a 9-5 job, coming home and getting glued to the couch – binging on Netflix, going to sleep, and then doing it all over again the next day. While a night like this can be restorative every once in a while, it is important for people’s overall wellbeing to get out of the house and participate in activities that enrich their lives. Getting a hobby can satisfy this crucial aspect of living a healthy, well balanced life – here are six ways how:


A hobby, such as taking a yoga class three times a week, or volunteering at the local animal shelter, can provide a healthy routine while also putting variety in your week. When your days are structured, it is easier to be efficient simply out of necessity. If you find it difficult to go to the gym, for example, find a hobby that encourages you to exercise – like biking or walking with friends every other morning.

Make New Connections

Going to a book club or joining an intramural sports team can help you make new social connections outside of home and the office. Fostering new friendships can improve overall well-being and happiness in people, as well as lead to new opportunities in the future.

Reduce Stress

Hobbies can give you a sense of stress relief after a hard day at work. These activities give you purpose and fulfillment that you don’t get from work, or sitting in front of the TV because a hobby by nature is an activity that you enjoy and are passionate about.

Start Conversations

Having a hobby that you share with a coworker, or friend, can help you start meaningful conversations. Next time you’re at the water cooler, instead of asking about the weather, you can start a conversation about a shared hobby. The conversation will without a doubt be more meaningful to both parties.


One of the most common questions asked in an interview is “what do you do for fun?” This question provides insight into people’s lives by illuminating their creative side. A hobby can provide an outlet of creativity that translates into your work and home life as well.

Personal Development

Lastly, having a hobby can help with personal development. Maybe you work in an industry like graphic design, and your hobby outside of class is taking a painting class. These two activities can merge together and you can start to see your hobby helping you in other aspects of your life as well.