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While the mythology of the entrepreneur may be dominated by stories of individuals like Bill Gates who built themselves an empire with little to no support or education, succeeding in that respect can be like hoping to win the lottery. Becoming a self-made businessperson doesn’t have to mean going it entirely alone, and higher education is one of the best ways you can tip the odds of success in your favor. It can be hard to parse the best college programs alone, but here are some of the best for entrepreneurs.

1. Babson College

Boston may be the heart of the Ivy League system, but it’s the lesser known Babson College in nearby Wellesley that takes the crown when it comes to entrepreneurial programs. Babson sits at the top of the U.S. World and News Report for aspiring self-made professionals, and they’ve maintained programs targeted at entrepreneurs for over half a century.

2. Stanford University

Given its location right in the heart of Silicon Valley, it would make sense that Stanford University has a sterling reputation for helping self-starters receive the tools they need. While Babson’s programs tend to be more focused, Stanford tends to emphasize targeted entrepreneurship programs combined together with a more balanced liberal arts curriculum.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT’s focus on technology means that it’s an ideal choice for potential tech startup entrepreneurs trying to do some networking, but the most impressive aspect of their programs are the wealth of resources they offer to students. Their entrepreneur courses draw professors and speakers who come from an impressive variety of different disciplines, and their business programs are consistently ranked among the best in the world.

4. The University of Michigan

The Princeton Review is one of the best resources for college rankings, and that’s why it’s important to pay attention to the fact that the University of Michigan topped their list of undergraduate programs for entrepreneurs. They offer a nine credit program for entrepreneurship and offer a large number of mentoring and training programs in addition to grants, competitions, and scholarships.

5. Harvard Business School

Harvard’s one of the most prestigious schools in America, but its reputation among entrepreneurs is certainly well earned. They use a case study method to success that uses real world examples as barometers for success rather than business theory alone. Students also have access to impressive resources like the Innovation and Entrepreneurship initiative and the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard.