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People spend the majority of times in an office – whether that be a home office or a cubicle in your company’s building, it is important to get the most out of your space. An office that flows and provides a pleasant atmosphere for employees maximizes productivity levels and overall happiness levels. Here are some tips to improve your office space.


Although the world is moving rapidly towards being paperless, offices still are faced with the issue of clutter. Whether that is documents, paperclips, or sticky notes everywhere, it is important to implement a system of organization and declutter your workspace. Get a filing cabinet for your paperwork, and a desk organizer for all your office needs.

Add Some Green

Studies show that adding plants into your environment can improve overall well-being. Plants contribute to levels of oxygen in the air around you, and can boost levels of happiness. Succulents and other types of plants can thrive in an indoor environment, and give people something to care for at work.

Make Things Symmetrical

Symmetry can add a sense of balance to the office, offering a sense of calm to its employees. It is important to find the focus point of the room and build an environment around it. Our subconscious brains are able to process symmetry more easily, and therefore find symmetrical rooms more calming and enjoyable. It’s okay to add in some hints of asymmetry as well!

Read Up On Your Feng Shui Basics

The basic principles of Feng Shui aren’t difficult to grasp, and provide a lot of ideas and thought processes behind how to organize a room for maximum positive effect. Start by understanding how your environment can affect your subconscious. Here are some beginner tips on how to Feng Shui your office space.

Add Pictures

Adding pictures of pets, loved ones, and nice scenery can add a positive effect to a desk or office space. People get pleasure from looking at photographs and artwork, so adding some to the workplace can help boost morale. Photographs can remind people of the past, or of a person they are missing. There are many ways that images can give people a sense of relief and happiness at work.