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Are you looking for the ideal work/life balance? This can be a tough combination to find or master. As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, the line that should stand between work and personal lives often gets blurred.

With almost half of workers having jobs that are suitable for part-time or full-time telecommuting, more people are checking their work email while at the dinner table or even finishing up reports for work while getting ready for bed. For younger workers, also known as millennials, flexibility in the workplace is extremely important. Most millennials want the freedom to develop relationships and pursue their personal hobbies. Millennials are also less likely to define themselves by their careers. This desire leads to millennials or workers in a younger age bracket not being able to “unplug”, so to speak. This flexibility of being able to constantly access their work can bring about negative consequences. It’s been shown that it’s important to take breaks from the demands that come along with a professional life and recover from a work week. This helps reduce stress in personal lives.

Pick and Choose
As an employee trying to balance your work and personal lives, you’ll have to understand that you won’t have a perfect balance. You won’t be able to make it to every social event and get the overtime that you may also be looking for. You simply have to prioritize what’s most important to you. Allow yourself some room to breathe for achievements in both your personal and professional life.

Be Open to Change
When you figure out what truly matters to you, it’s best to accept that your priorities may change over time. You could start a family, take a new job, or even begin a new hobby. Simply prepare for your values and schedule to change and adjust accordingly. Keep your mind open.

Be Aware of Imperfection
You’re going to make mistakes. That’s just a simple part of life. These obstacles and challenges may creep up out of nowhere. Don’t let yourself feel like a terrible person but rather enjoy yourself by being production and present in whatever you’re doing. You then can refocus your highest priorities as soon as possible.

Yes, finding the ideal work/life balance can be a little tricky. If you prioritize and are open to change while remaining aware that not everything will be perfect, you should be able to find this balance quite easily.