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This post is a continuation of the “Direct Selling vs. Employment” blog series. Part One can be found here. The podcast this blog originated from can be found here.

Shane Krider

Right. Number two, I’m already heavily invested in my life so far. I’ve worked, I’ve got somewhat of a skill set, and I can employ this skill set to earn a living. Whatever this thing is, isn’t anything that I have a skill set for so it’s something I’m going to have to learn from the beginning. That was the one that scared me because I felt that I was really strong on the blue-collar side of things. I thought “Am I just going to throw all of that knowledge, learning, and experience away to do something brand new?”

Well, you know what, I thought to myself “In 20 years, where am I going to be if I keep doing this versus if I learn something new? Well in 20 years, I’m going to be a hell of a lot happier if I get into a more empowering track and I create something that I want.”

So I decided that on both of those counts that I was willing to open myself up.

I believe that the thing that is right for you does exist and I think it’s right around the corner. When I had my little realization that I needed to open my mind a little bit, I thought “Well, my mind’s open, let me just see what happens.”

I think it was literally within two weeks that I had a buddy invite me to some meeting and he had to ask me twice. The first time I said no, the second time he’s like “What do you have to lose, man? It’s not like you’re living the rock star lifestyle right now, just come out to the meeting and check it out.”

So I come out to this meeting, and I’m like “This makes sense.” I connected with the people, I liked the people, they seemed credible, the opportunity made sense, it was logical, it seemed like a good win-win setup, and I kept thinking to myself, “Why aren’t all businesses set up this way? Or at least more?”

Fast-forward six months, I started the business, and I made $50,000 a month. In my old job, I was making $35,000 a year. Because I was paid commission, I could work overtime and wouldn’t get paid for it. Counting overtime hours, I was making less than minimum wage.

So it was great getting in on the other side of that and getting control of my life. I created a fantastic lifestyle for myself. But I did it by going a non-traditional direction in life. A big part of the reason why I was excited about this new direction is that it was non-traditional. If there’s one thing I learned, if you do what’s traditional you’re going to get traditional results. And what did I want? I didn’t want traditional results; I wanted something outside the box.

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