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Shane Krider

I remember trying to find my way in life and in business to create my success and achieve the goals that I wanted to achieve. Back when I was 26 years old, I hit a very critical point in my life. I was frustrated, I was a bit pissed off, and I didn’t know where to turn, and it seemed like in the job world, I had enough experience to know that I wasn’t ever going to get where I wanted to go.

But then starting my own traditional brick-and-mortar business, I had a couple of rounds of attempting to do that on very small scales. I learned very quickly that unless you do it really well, you don’t end up owning a business — you end up with something called a business that owns you. You have a job that you paid for, you have a job that you own, but it’s still a job. I wanted something different, but it seemed like as soon as I tried to find something that could be different and provide a different outcome, there weren’t too many places I could turn.

What I found in life is that many things are possible. That people want to achieve, but they’re in a box. There’s a lot of mystery, allusion and positive and negative hype around some of these categories of life or business.

I know I wanted to create success in my life, but I felt that I’m going to have to cross some lines. I’m going to have to look in places that most people don’t look. If I want a result that most people don’t have, I’m going to have to look at things that most people won’t look at.

So I opened my mind; I remember it so clearly. It was back in 1998, and I’m working my job, and I’m not creating the life that I wanted. I’m so frustrated, and I’m thinking “What could it be for me? What could my thing be that allows me to create the life that I want?”

I came up with two conclusions. First is it’s something that I probably don’t even know exists; it’s like nothing that I’ve ever done before.

Rachel Krider

Otherwise, you would be doing it and would be creating what you want to create yes, so it’s logical thinking.

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