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Productivity is always a tricky business. No matter what sporting event or economic development that results, there are always news articles stating that X reason cost the economy X billions of dollars for the month. An inefficient set of rules in place also hinders communication to the point where employees may feel the hierarchy is breathing down their necks at work. However, thereĀ are tips and tricks in order to create and foster an attitude of productivity at the workplace.

One of the most important factors is the overall vision behind the company and everything that it entails. It is important to have a set definition, an ethos, of a company’s mission. What line of work is the business undertaking? What attitude toward achieving its goals does it have? Like anything in life, have a clear objective helps everyone working there to focus on what matters, focusing all energy on achieving that one goal so that no energy is lost.

Another factor is the values behind the company and how the workplace work. Is effective communication important? Is there a strict hierarchy? Constructive criticism and dialogue are always one of the cornerstones of interactions between an employer and an employee, and whether this is defined through a rule book or an easy-to-use method like work chat app or group e-mails is important. Opening up a means of communication between employees allows a lot more to be done. Practicing what is preached is always a part of an effective workplace, especially if everyone is on the same page. Listening to employees, mentoring them, guiding them into knowing enough to make the right decisions allows everyone to thrive and feel as if they are part of the group.

Vulnerability is a subset of communication. If there is a tense atmosphere at a workplace it means people are afraid to make mistakes or admit when they are wrong, or worst of all, go about accomplishing tasks while not knowing how to do them. As far as everyone pulls in the same direction, no one will feel like they aren’t part of the group or that they operate in fear of negative consequences. Removing so many obvious group obstacles creates an atmosphere that both enlightens and emboldens employees, making everyone more productive now that the shackles are loose and people are free to engage in their creativity.