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With 14 countries in the Oceanic area to visit, planning a trip can be daunting. Making sure to follow these best travel practices can help the journey go a little more smoothly. You don’t want to miss out on these breathtaking countries that each pack their own unique style into one large geographical location.

Travel Style

It’s crucial to decide how you want to spend your vacation before you embark. Do you want to take a cruise and spend smaller amounts of time in more locations, or would you prefer to fly into one or two spots and dive into a more thorough trip in each? Do you want to backpack through Australia, or sit on the beaches in the Fiji? Determining what you want out of your trip is crucial to making an itinerary.

Plan Ahead

Oceania is one of the world’s most beautiful and unique traveling destinations, and can be somewhere you can bring the whole family, too! Before you embark on your journey, make sure to create a travel itinerary to matches your needs. Pick the spots you want to see, and make sure that everyone traveling can access those destinations. Planning the perfect trip can be time consuming, but makes the actual visit way more enjoyable!

Pack Smart

While it is possible to have a lounge-style vacation in Oceania, to really take advantage of everything these countries have to offer, you need to pack right. A lot of your time will be spent outdoors – hiking, surfing, climbing, and seeing the wildlife. Clothes that are comfortable are a must on these Oceanic vacations. Bring sneakers, athletic clothes, and LOTS of sunscreen. Don’t forget about the importance of layers, weather can be unpredictable.

Pick the Right Time

It is absolutely necessary to plan ahead and choose what time of year is best for your specific needs and destination. For example, countries in the Southern Hemisphere experience the opposite season as those in the Northern Hemisphere. As a result, some of the activities you might assume would be great in your summer may not line up with the “winter” seasons in Oceania. Here is a suggested list of best times to visit different Oceanic countries.


While relaxation over vacation might be intuitive, it is difficult for most people to leave their cares behind and completely be in the moment. However, if you plan ahead far enough in advance, you can make sure your work and stress don’t come with you on vacation. In order to make the most of a truly once in a lifetime experience, it is important to focus on the destination – the sights, smells, culture, and wildlife of Oceania are unique and deserve your attention!