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Prosperity Of Life

Personal Development and Life Transformation Company



Learn how to see yourself, your results and your life from a completely different point of view. Gain new and empowering insights and distinctions that have the power to transform any part of your life.

At Prosperity Of Life we focus on success from the inside out. Learn how to design and create your life exactly the way you imagine it to be. Your only limit is your imagination.


Prosperity Of Life is a leading content creator of Personal Development Courses and Wealth Creation Retreats. What sets Prosperity Of Life apart is the safe harbour support community.

Too many people don’t take the time to plan their life. Trouble is, if you don’t have your own plan then you will blindly fall into someone else’s plan. And unfortunately they don’t have too much planned for you.

So get busy designing your life and then surround yourself with a crowd that is in support of you achieving your goals.

Usa and Canada Based Prosperity Of Life Company


We’re lifestyle focussed

Prosperity Of Life Distributors enjoying a day cruising The Algarve coastline.


Prior to bumping into Prosperity Of Life I had spent the better part of 10 years on a very serious journey of Personal Development.

When I was 19 years old a friend of mine gifted me my first book, The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. I read that book cover to cover and when I got to the end I went right back to the front and read it again.

I was hooked!

Every spare cent I had would be allocated to personal development books and courses. I have fond memories of visiting second hand book shops back then and being so excited to stumble upon a new self help book to add to my collection.


Think and Grow Rich, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, anything and everything ever written by Jim Rohn and Bob Proctor.  I was obsessed.

A spectacular day with distributors from all different corners of the globe. Prosperity Of Life really is a global community. In the above pic we have a couple of Aussies, an American, an Israeli, Irish, Canadian & Russian.



I was fortunate to see Jim Rohn speak in some pretty special places.  Sydney, Nice in the South of France, Singapore, Bangkok and Queensland, Australia.

I remember two particularly special chance meetings with Mr Rohn.  The first time was at a small airport in North Queensland…..Cairns airport…. I’d flown in to attend a conference he was hosting the following day.

So there I am standing at the conveyor belt waiting for my bag. I had my walkman in my ears (this is back when cassette tapes were a thing) and I happened to look down and see a sign dangling upside-down with MR ROHN handwritten in big black texter.

It took me a second to register but I eventually spotted Mr Rohn standing behind the guy that was holding the sign. I was so delighted to actually see him in person and attempted to explain that here he was in front of me and here he was inside my head all at the same time and tomorrow I’m going to be at the conference you’re delivering.    #TotallyStarStruck.



The co-founders of Prosperity Of Life, Shane & Rachel Krider with their yacht, The Alchemy in the background.

The second time I had a chance meeting with Jim was in Beverly Hills…..yes….by now we are on a first name basis.  😀

Anyways…..I had just attended my very first Prosperity Of Life retreat which was held in Cancun, Mexico and I’d planned a stopover in Los Angeles on the way back to Australia to break up the trip.  

So I’m sitting curb-side in this fabulous little Italian restaurant, excitedly sharing the highlights of the Prosperity Of Life event with my friend when I spot Jim Rohn walking towards me.

I managed to blurt out…..”Oh my goodness…..Mr Rohn”….. and without missing a beat he takes a bow and says…..”in person!”

Such a class act!  I love him.   He delivered such a powerful message for so many years that certainly inspired millions of people around the world to live more productive and fulfilling lives.  I’ve listened to his audios so many times that I can recite the lessons along with him.  I know the jokes before he delivers them and I still laugh from my belly even though I’ve heard the jokes hundreds of times.


So I have been a serious student of Personal Development for many years….but it wasn’t until I aligned with Prosperity Of Life that my results improved dramatically.

It was like someone flicked a switch within me. Very quickly after starting with my first program here I reached a point of KNOWING without a shadow of a doubt that I could create positive outcomes in my life. I wouldn’t trade this feeling of certainty for anything and I have Prosperity Of Life and the support community to thank for my new found confidence.

If you would like more information about the Prosperity Of Life courses or income opportunity schedule a free discovery session today. 

Feedback for Prosperity Of Life

Sarah Scott-Branagan

“Personal Development at it’s BEST! A truly life changing program. A whole new world of possibility has been opened up through learning about the many factors of the mind. Each session inspired more desires to make some big changes in my life and I am loving putting all my learnings in to practice!”

Sue Robson

“Working for myself, as an entrepreneur, alongside Prosperity Of Life has given me the opportunity to pursue my dream goal to work for myself in a portable online business in an industry that makes my heart sing Personal Development, being part of a global community of people creating their own dream lifestyles is inspiring and has added so much value to my life. Being financially independent gives me the freedom to follow my passion for travel, keeping it simplistic all I need is my laptop, phone and a suitcase full of essentials and I can work from anywhere in the world. It is my Ultimate Vocation, a Dream come true….

The Prosperity Of Life Network, is a United States-based personal development business with a presence in 52+ countries.
Prosperity Of Life is a community. It’s a culture where people’s dreams are confirmed and where the individual is validated. People come into Prosperity Of Life because they want something bigger, they want something greater, or they want to do something exceptional in their life.

Prosperity Of Life, offers instructions on how to achieve your goals. Not only do we provide the education and the inspiration, but we also provide a community of people that are on purpose and are striving toward extraordinary things in their own life.
Rachel and Shane Krider, co-founders of Prosperity Of Life, host a personal development podcast network, Born To Prosper. The Born To Prosper Network has given people the opportunity to lead a more inspired and controlled life. Through Rachel and Shane’s teachings, the Born To Prosper community have learned not only how to better understand themselves and those around them, but how to truly enjoy what life has to offer.
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